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Fitness has been a hobby of mine since I was an undergraduate. I regularly lift and play Judo, and enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of both. Jigoro Kano based the principles of Judo on the Principle of Maximum Efficiency, which states that one should generally seek the maximum effect action for the minimum amount of effort (typically energy) required. Moreover, he extended this principle to all areas of life, which I aim to do as well.

While I firmly believe that the beauty of Judo - and fitness in general - is primarily in self-improvement (and the cultivation of self-discipline), there is nothing quite so satisfying as the thrill of seeing your efforts pay off in a tangible way. I have accomplished the following:

1.  Gold medal. 2023 Dallas Open Judo Championships (Novice Women -48 kg)

2. Gold medal. 2023 President's Cup (Novice Women -48 kg)

3. Orange Belt Rank. 2023 Promotion by Senseis Dan Baik, Jim Riddle, Stephanie Davis, and Jim Webb 

4. Gold medal. NTX summer slam (Novice Women -52 kg; uncontested in -48kg)

5. Silver medal. NTX spring slam (Novice Women -48 kg)

 Feel free to watch the highlight reel of what I consider to be some of my best competition Judo on the right :) 

I also occasionally engage in other athletic and outdoor activities such as camping and rock climbing, and have also done the following:

  1. 2022 New Years Eve Marathon 
  2. Spartan Obstacle Course racing:
  3. Won 1st place (Female, age 19-55)  in the 2022 Heart of Uptown 5k


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