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In addition to being featured by various media outlets including the Dallas Voice, I have had the fortune and honor of receiving the following awards for my work:

  1. NSF/Harshbarger Student Travel Award (2022). Southern Regional Council on Statistics.  "Statistical and Machine Learning Methods for Adaptive Radiotherapy Treatment Scheduling." 

  2. Dean's Award (2022). Moody School of Graduate Studies, Research and Innovation Week. "Optimizing the Combination of Radiotherapy with Immunotherapy Using Deep Reinforcement Learning."

  3. Poster Presentation Award (2020 & 2021). Conference of Texas Statisticians.

  4. Ph.D Fellowship [Funded by Varian] (2021-present). UT Southwestern Medical Artificial Intelligence and Automation lab.

  5. Department Award for Academic Excellence (2019). Department of Statistical Science, Southern Methodist University.

  6. Summer Institute Scholarship (2020). University of Washington Biostatstics

My personal symbol: a swirly line attached to a straight one with three dots above it


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